"Count it all joy when you fall into various trials."


I got an e-mail that was filled with sage advice. The line that stood out to me was, “If a relationship has to be secret, you shouldn’t be in it.” Secrets mean that we are hiding something. There is shame involved. We are living in the dark.

With that lead in, here is my story for today.

David was the head of a large news network. He got with the management team and gave out instructions and told them they could reach him by phone, but he didn’t say where he would be. He went home and decided to take off a few days. He had many competent people that he could depend on.

He was home alone. He had been seeing several different women, but no one he wanted to see right then. He went out on the deck to enjoy the day and the sun. He dozed off and when he woke up, his neighbor’s wife had come home and she was sunbathing on the deck in a skimpy bikini. She was so beautiful and he was tempted. Yes, he had several beautiful girlfriends, but none of them excited him like this stunning woman.

Her husband, Uri, worked for him at the network and that troubled his conscience. As the head of the network, he knew that her husband had been on a dangerous assignment in a warring third world country. Her husband was excellent at what he did and his journalistic skills made him a front line person.

He casually walked next door and struck up a conversation. Brook was alone. He invited her over for a drink and at first, she said no, but finally she agreed. She went in her house and put on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. She looked simply breath-taking.

He got two glasses of some very expensive wine that he saved for special occasions. They chatted casually, but soon he began to appeal to her loneliness. He was a master at reading people and knew just what to say and the seduction was tender. He felt it was a lovely interlude and filled his empty hours. It had been a very satisfying encounter and he knew he would think of her often. Tears of regret brimmed on her lovely eyes as she quietly dressed and left him.

Life returned to normal and still he did not feel like going in to work. He had good people and all reports were good. He watched the news every day and things were great without him which caused him no discomfort. He always hired excellent people and he knew they didn’t really need him except in crisis situations.

Every day he went out on the deck, but she never returned. Her home was dark,   This frustrated him somewhat but he continued to watch hoping to see her again. His employees began to ask him when he would return to work. He was just not interested into getting into the battle – not yet.

One day, as he sat on the deck willing her to be home, the back door opened, and she came out in a casual dress that clung to her body as she moved. His heart began to beat wildly. She looked around nervously and then her eyes met his. She acknowledged him and he motioned her to come over. He rose to greet her aware of his excitement. He reached for her, but she stepped back.

She opened her lips and a tear slipped down her cheek and a sob escaped. “David, I am pregnant.” They knew her husband had been out-of-town for several weeks. It would be impossible to explain. He held her and she dissolved in tears.

“I’ll get him home,” David told her. “He will want to be with you. It will be all right.” He went to the phone and after a few calls; her husband was in a plane headed for the states. David kissed Brook and sent her home. He showered and put on his suit. At the office, they were glad to see him if a bit surprised.

When the Uri arrived, he asked for him to be brought straight to the executive suite. He thanked him for his excellent work and debriefed him on what was happening at the front. He told him to take a well deserved break and go spend time with his wife. He sent him off early.

When David got home, he looked at Brook’s house hoping to see the company car in the drive, but it was not. He called over under the pretense of speaking with Uri but he had a sinking feeling he wasn’t there. She told David that Uri had called but hadn’t come home and was staying in a hotel at the airport so that he could return at once to the front.

Furious, David called her husband’s direct boss and told him to send him into the heart of the worst fighting under the pretense of getting a great story. In a few days, the report came that her husband had been killed in the line of duty. He had a momentary sense of guilt but shook it off. He called Brook to let her know what had happened and she was distraught.

Assuming the role of her husband’s boss, he went over to comfort her. She clung to him and he held her as she grieved.

As soon as David could work it out, after the funeral was over, he took Brook to be his wife. He knew that he had manipulated things to protect his own reputation yet he really loved her and was glad to have her with him at last.

An old friend, Nate that he knew from college had become a pastor. It had been some time since they had gone to lunch and when he called for an appointment, David accepted. When they met in his office, Nate told him that he had some disturbing dreams and he would like to share them with him. David was fascinated. “Tell me what they are about.”

Nate began, “There was a rancher who had a several large herds of prime cattle and he had a neighbor with only two acres, who had one perfect little calf. When rancher had some unexpected out-of-town company, he killed the neighbor’s little calf and served it for dinner.” David became irate. “Who would do this terrible thing?” Nate looked him in the eye and said, “It’s you, David. You are the one!” David came to himself and recognized what he had done. He fell to his knees and a guttural noise escaped from him and he wailed loudly.

By now, if you know your Bible, you know that my story is about King David and Bathsheba and her husband, Uriah. The Prophet, Nathan, risked his life confronting King David. In those days, the King had final authority over everyone’s life and confronting him was a dangerous business. David repented and fell on his face before the Lord. When the time came for the baby to be delivered, it was still-born.

There is much pain in the secrets that we have and there is much deception in trying to cover them. We are unable to ever really hide anything because there is an all-seeing God who knows everything.

We read the Bible stories and they become neutralized with familiarity. I hope that they can be made more pertinent to our own daily lives. The Bible has all the same problems that we have today; they are just set in another time and culture

So here is the question: “What secret are you keeping? What is the one thing that you haven’t told your husband or wife? What are you keeping from your boss? Are you falsifying your expense reports? Are you having liaisons when you are out-of-town – after all no one knows you – and what difference will it make?”

Examine your heart and go to the Lord. I am not advocating relieving yourself of the guilt by telling your wife or husband of your indiscretions, but I do recommend getting right with your heavenly Father. If you have a trustworthy friend or pastor, confess it to them. They will help you to know if telling the affected person/people is the right thing to do.  First John 1:9 tells us to confess to one another that we may be healed.

How do you begin? First of all, if you don’t have a relationship with the Lord Jesus read my first post and then read Psalms 51. Father is waiting and ready to forgive you and release you from this secret(s). He loves you so much and He knew that you would get in trouble and that is why He sent His Son. There is nothing in the way if you being set free.

King David knew that God loved him and he went to him immediately when he saw who he had become. His Father God forgave David. Father is willing to forgive us no matter what we have done.  King David was unfaithful and a murderer but because of his willingness to turn away from his failing, he was called a “man after God’s heart.” May this truly be said of us all.

2 Samuel 11 and 12

Psalms 51 (David’s prayer for forgiveness)

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