"Count it all joy when you fall into various trials."


Dancing with the Stars has become an amazingly successful television show.  We watch as the guest star struggles to be in sync with the professional.  They train hard and it can be very frustrating.  Often when they get on the floor, they bomb and then they are voted off!  Other times, the presentation is actually poetry in motion.  They move together as one across the floor.  The audience holds their breath at the beauty they are beholding and then they leap to their feet in wild applause.  The judges make their comments.  “Best dance of the night!’  “You have what it takes to win this.”  “You have beautiful lines and are a natural on the floor.”

Before this poetic and beautiful program, the clips show the struggle between the professional and the trainee ‘star.’  They almost quit, the training has proven so difficult.  Many of them were professional athletes before they attempted this new venue.  Sometimes they listen carefully to the trainer and then work exceedingly hard to become the dancer they desire to be.

So what does this have to do with Scripture?

When we invite Jesus into our hearts, He opens His arms and  invites us to follow Him.  We believe in Him for sure, but we don’t really trust Him.  We think we can dance better without following anyone.  We try to do it on our own and it looks like we are successful.  We get involved in the church and manuever into leadership.  We read our Bible and pray quick little prayers.

But this isn’t what He wants.  He wants a relationship.  He wants us to talk with Him, dance with Him, train with Him, be successful and fail and get up again.  He wants us to know that the path of rest is in His arms.  It is easy there and He knows that we have to go through training.  He knows we will mess up and get frustrated, but He loves us and is incredibly patient. 

When we finally come into His arms and rest against His shoulder, He gracefully leads us through many difficult steps, leaps, and carries.  He is masterful and we are amazed at how easy it is when we trust Him.

Finally, He leads us into doing His work.  We reach out to others and He leads us.  Then He melts into us and lets us lead others into His presence.  Christ in us!  The ease of knowing that He is always with us and will always show us the right moves and bring us to the right people.

If you are ready to dance with Him, ask Him to come in.  I did and He has had a hard time teaching me.  I still want to lead and He just steps back and shakes His head and opens His arms and waits until I know that I am going nowhere.  I step into His embrace and lean against Him and we move forward.

Join me in this wonderful unforced rhythm of grace and trust the One who loves us most.

Matthew 11:30 Message Bible

1 Chronicles 15

Psalms 30:11

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