"Count it all joy when you fall into various trials."

Once again, I want to showcase my friend Clare Kaegi-Watts and her beautiful poetry and art work.  I have known Clare for several years, and such is her humility, that I just found out the scope and quality of her work.   I quote from what I found on line at wallcoo.net:

“Clare Kaegi is an Artist/Illustrator, who has worked for some years, drawing character-filled outback dwellings and fulfilling her dream of ‘capturing’ nature on paper. Deeply impressed with the amazing work of other natural illustrators, Clare was determined to open up the possibilities for her own pen and ink work. Coming into contact with a technical pen in the late 1970’s a new world of possibilities opened that were once unachievable.

Armed now with a Rotring Isograph .13 Technical Pen and beautiful, rich, clear, colour inks, in quiet solitude Clare set to work to develop a style of pen and ink work that would breathe the beauty of rich, velvety colours, incredibly fine & complex detail but most of all, ‘life’. Every colour is mixed by the artist herself in order to obtain the desirable effect. The depth requires patience and an understanding of the quirky nature of these inks. A total disregard of the time-factor is also needed with each piece taking from a short one week, to a several months for some major pieces.”

She also has written some beautiful poetry which I am privileged to share with you here.  She loves the Lord Jesus with all her heart and pours her life out to others.


A Song of Love

Precious Jesus, Savior mine, whose blood was shed for me,
Whose beaten body, love’s sacrifice, was nailed to the Tree,
You told me clear, as clear could be
That I should follow Thee! –
“Take up YOUR cross this day, each day,
And walk this path with Me.”

“Take My yoke upon you, learn of Me,” You said.
“My yoke is easy, the burden’s light, for I’ve gone on ahead.
Trust in Me, take My hand,
Do not turn back instead,
But follow Me, give Me your faith
And I will bless your stand.”

I thought back through the years of darkness,
Guilt! Loneliness! The pain…
Then looking to the light ahead, my strength began to gain!
This cross You said that I should bear
And in Your sorrow share,
I gladly take this burden sweet –
And will follow anywhere!

O Jesus, blessed Savior, do not take from me
This cross that we both share,
But help my back grow straight and strong –
A greater weight to bear!

May I look upon this cross as glory for my LORD,
Each new day at dawn a promise made
To trust You and obey,
And to know Your blessing rests on me,
Your peace, Your joy, today.

O LORD, take not this cross from me;
Come walk with me, much closer, higher!
Jesus, give me stronger hands, Your strength
To hold this burden tighter.
And as I walk each mile with You
May my legs, my feet grow stronger.
For I can feel YOUR strength in me,
As my precious load grows lighter!

My Jesus, blessed Savior sweet, how rocky is that track!
Your immortal feet have walked upon –
For me no turning back.
You promised, if I’m faithful, there’s a place prepared for me.
If I take my cross and follow You,
This place of rest and joy I’ll see.

I know You gave this cross to me,
That YOUR life in me be wrought.
And I should learn to live for others, as here on earth You taught.
This cross I bear, to follow You, is little price to pay!–
For when I look upon the cross YOU bore,
It was there my soul was bought!

O Father, Abba Father, LORD! Our loving God and King,
Give me the strength to carry on,
And through my journey sing
PRAISES! To my Savior, great I AM
My worship, adoration, and Hosannas bring.
To You, my Alpha and Omega,
My cross,
My trophies,
ALL! –
Laid in humble worship
At Your Blessed Feet! –
My Lord, my God, my King.


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