"Count it all joy when you fall into various trials."

The Lonely Season Redeemed

Well, I had everything planned and then things changed. Becoming a widow does that.  Before there was someone I belonged to and he belonged to me.lonely

Christmas this year will be different, but then I knew that.  It will be with my dear and oldest friend in Wichita.  She is a widow also and understands this very unwelcome season of life.

I have always been strong and capable; perhaps a bit too much in charge, but all of that is changed as I am learning to flow with this season in a new way.

When my Mom got married at 91, I knew it was because she wanted someone to be with and now, more than ever, I understand.  But for me, I would rather be alone than to be with the wrong person.

I am learning that the only One Dear Godthat I can depend on is the Lord and I think it is a lesson He wanted me to learn long ago.  All too often, we look to family and friends to fill us up with their warmth and love.  Now it is time for me to love them right where they are and fill them up with the warmth that the Lord gives me..  He has them in the palm of His hand and He has me as well.

I remember Mom saying when I came to visit that I didn’t spend enough time with her.  I had so many friends to see.  Today, in this season, I understand that she was wanting me to be there with her.  Perhaps I am reaping what I sowed or maybe it is just the lonely season of life.

I got the most wonderful massage yesterday.  The whole time she was using her healing hands on me, she prayed with me.  It was a time of refocusing on the important things.  I have so much to be thankful for and so many things to accomplish.  I am grateful to her.

I am going to have a Merry Christmas and I am looking forward to a New Year of fulfillment and love.  Merry Christmas everyone!





Comments on: "The Lonely Season Redeemed" (4)

  1. Judy Pingleton said:

    I love you my friend and pray you have an outstanding Christmas in the company of your dear friend. Where did you get your massage?

  2. Thinking about you and Joe, and how the Lord answered your prayers! What a great thing to see you and Joe together finally, with the one purpose that we are all here for, to Love!
    I remember the last time I saw you and Joe together and sharing in ministry and how your eyes did shine with the love and knowledge that your prayers were answered!
    To have the heart ache for our loss means we loved! While the pain and difference that the loss can bring is great, we would never change it; Because the love we shared though imperfect and maybe even waning at times became an indelible part of this beautiful time of humanity that we have been gifted with by our creator.

    Blessings Sis on your new adventure of discovering what God has yet to share with you!

    jack halley

    • Thank you Jack, for the thoughtful comment. The freedom that I know Joe has today sets my heart singing. I would not want him back to face the world the way he was when he left. I have discovered that God has much for me to do and I am embracing the joy that He has set before me. Whenever I will stop by the prayer room next time I am in town.

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