"Count it all joy when you fall into various trials."

About Old Lady Brady

a journeyWelcome to Old Lady Brady’s Joy Journey!

I am a story-teller but my stories are not fictional but illustrative of the truth.  I love the Bible and the leading of the Holy Spirit.  There are my chief resources.

Many principles of the Bible are difficult to understand and I like to put them into story form.  Christ taught in parables and told stories.  He wanted us to understand them but those who refused to embrace him just didn’t get it.  The Bible is “His-story” and it is a beautiful love story.

The recent posts in this blog are of my own journey.  It is autobiographical in nature and each entry is a testimony of the love and grace of God for a girl who had lived her life on the wild side in the world and now is living the wild and wonderful adventure as a child of the Living God.

I am learning what it means to abide in the secret place and have encounters with Him.  I will share with you my journey, including the stumbles, the tears, the victory and the joy.

As I share how I have discovered how much I am loved, it is my hope that this window into my life will bring you freedom and joy found only in Jesus Christ.

So, this is what joy journey is about. I hope you will join me and share in the comments some of your journey as well.


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